Be Bodacious

A Different Kind of Leadership for a Different Kind of Leader


Using the principles from my book, Be Bodacious: Put Life in Your Leadership, I reveal the keys to a better leadership style that encompasses all areas of life. In this program, entertaining stories are used to detail the benefits of being an extraordinary, unrestrained and bold leader both in and out of the office.

Proven Principles That Get Results

I have used the principles to grow organizations and  to motivate individuals and organizations for top performance. The tools have been used to revitalize businesses and the leaders.

You will learn how to:

  • Grow your business significantly by applying these principles
  • From being ordinary to becoming extraordinary
  • To go from being restrained to unrestrained… grow in a good economy or bad economy
  • From being fearful to being bold
  • How to achieve bigger goals in a shorter time

Host this seminar for your company and customers

The one day seminar includes:

  • * Participant Guide
  • * 21 Laws of Leadership by John C Maxwell (Hardback Edition)
  • * Be Bodacious: Put Life in Your Leadership by Steven D Wood (Signed Copy)
  • * Bodacious Leadership portfolio case
  • * Full day facilitation by Steven D Wood

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