Today Matters

For leaders today matters! This training provides steps to help leaders make the most of every day. This training will challenge Today_Mattersparticipants to make today the most important day leaders have. When leaders make today the best it can be they can build for a better tomorrow. This is not a time management training session; it is a leadership and life management transformation.

Participants will learn how to assess their current progress, prioritize their agenda and stretch their creativity and innovation.

Making Today Matter:

  • Today Often Falls to Pieces – What Is the Missing Piece?
  • Today Can Become a Masterpiece
  • Today Matters and Leaders Need:
    • o   Possibilities
    • o   Focus
    • o   Strength
    • o   Stability
    • o   Advantage
    • o   Tenacity
    • o   Options
    • o   Peace
    • o   Fulfillment
    • o   Significance
    • o   Direction
    • o   Potential


Host this seminar for your company and customers

The one day seminar includes:

  • * Participant Guide
  • * Today Matters by John C Maxwell (Hardback Edition)
  • * Be Bodacious: Put Life in Your Leadership by Steven D Wood (Signed Copy)
  • * Today Matters portfolio case
  • * Full day facilitation by Steven D Wood




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